Ray Rice, the NFL, and What We Know About Domestic Violence

The recent events and media coverage surrounding Ray Rice and the NFL have created a powerful swell of conversation about domestic violence. While we are outraged at the stories we hear daily at the Hotline, we are heartened by the support of so many people who recognize that there is no excuse for abuse.
abuse isn't a cycle

Is Abuse Really a 'Cycle'?

We use many different words when we’re describing abuse: systematic, power, control, pattern, purposeful. One word we don’t use when talking about abusive relationships is cycle.
make a statement - denim day

Make a Fashion Statement - Tomorrow is Denim Day

Every year since '99, Peace Over Violence has been organizing Denim Day, asking people to wear jeans as a visible statement of protest against sexual assault and the misconceptions that often accompany it.
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RHBH: Taylor Shares Fears About Marriage With Friends

In last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we see the end of the trip with the housewives to Camille’s ski property. In a conversation between Taylor and Kyle, Taylor shared the anxiety she was experiencing about her failing marriage.
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GPS Tracking

This story about GPS tracking was written by Cherry Simpson, mother of domestic violence survivor Regan Martin.