Seeing Red? How To Cool Off When You're Angry

Anger is one of those electrical emotions that all of us experience — some more often or more easily than others — and different things provoke us and rile us up. It can be a healthy emotion up to a point. But it can get out of control and have negative effects on yourself and others.

I See DV as Unacceptable

Tonya Turner, Director of Legal Services at Break the Cycle, tells us about her work with LGBTQ dating abuse.
minimizing violence

Excuses, Excuses...

In an unhealthy or abusive relationship, making justifications for a partner’s behavior is common. Have you ever found yourself apologizing for the actions of your partner?
what can the hotline help you with

What Can The Hotline Help You With?

The Hotline offers help to callers at any stage. Whether you’ve called before or maybe feel nervous about reaching out, it’s helpful to know what we can speak with you about and how we can assist you.
National Domestic Violence Hotline Blog

What Did You Think of Pink's AMA Performance?

Pink has recieved a lot of attention for her Sunday night performance of the song "Try" at the American Music Awards. Her performance was modeled after the music video for “Try” where she and a male dancer depict an unhealthy relationship.