This Valentine's Day, Love Yourself

Whatever your feelings on Valentine’s Day, this year we encourage you to use it as an opportunity to remind yourself that you deserve to be loved not only by other people, but by you.

Emotional Safety Planning

When creating a safety plan, emphasis is often placed on planning around physical safety, but it’s important to consider your emotional safety as well.

Helping a Parent in an Abusive Relationship

When abuse is happening in a relationship, it can affect whole families, including children who are witnesses to the abuse and violence. What can you do if your parent is in an abusive relationship?

Ray Rice, the NFL, and What We Know About Domestic Violence

The recent events and media coverage surrounding Ray Rice and the NFL have created a powerful swell of conversation about domestic violence. While we are outraged at the stories we hear daily at the Hotline, we are heartened by the support of so many people who recognize that there is no excuse for abuse.

Children as an Abusive Mechanism

Abusive partners exert power and control over their significant others through many different tactics — and unfortunately, using children can become a tactic.

Keeping Your Pets Safe

In many cases, victims of domestic violence may try to take their pets with them when they are able to leave the relationship, but find that their local domestic violence shelters do not accept pets. Fortunately, this is changing, and shelters for domestic violence and abuse victims are beginning to create spaces for pets.

Finding Safety for Our Four-Legged Friends

A pet can often become a tool for an abusive partner to hold power and control in the relationship. Concern for the safety of pets is also a reason that many victims stay in an abusive relationship. Read on to learn more.
solutions from advocates

Clever Tips That May Keep You Safe

Sometimes our advocates have to get extra creative to keep someone safe. Here are some ingenious safety planning strategies that advocates have suggested to callers in the past.