Finding Safety for Our Four-Legged Friends

A pet can often become a tool for an abusive partner to hold power and control in the relationship. Concern for the safety of pets is also a reason that many victims stay in an abusive relationship. Read on to learn more.
solutions from advocates

Clever Tips That May Keep You Safe

Sometimes our advocates have to get extra creative to keep someone safe. Here are some ingenious safety planning strategies that advocates have suggested to callers in the past.
leaving safely

Leaving Safely – Part 2

In addition to packing and planning, there are a few other measures you can take to safeguard against potential problems that may arise when you’re leaving.
safety planning with children

Safety Planning With Children

A parent’s instinct is to make sure their child is safe – but how can you do this best if your abusive partner is unpredictable, or manipulative?

Men Put on Heels for Domestic Violence

In Louisiana, men took a different holiday weekend approach for the Lake Charles 4th of July parade. 120 men, along with women’s shelter employees, put on their high heels to march against domestic violence.