50 obstacles to leaving

50 Obstacles to Leaving: 41-50

Every person's situation is unique, and you may be unable to leave a situation for a complex combination of different reasons. Check out reasons 41-50 that could prevent someone from leaving.
hurtful words

50 Obstacles to Leaving: 31-40

We're making our way through "50 Obstacles to Leaving" in hopes of illuminating the barriers that often prevent someone from getting out of an abusive relationship.
reaching out for help

50 Obstacles to Leaving: 1-10

We’ve adapted Sarah M. Buel’s “Fifty Obstacles to Leaving, a.k.a., Why Abuse Victims Stay” — 50 different reasons that she has encountered during her 22 years of work in the domestic violence field.
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Francesca's Story

"Living with a man like my ex-husband is like having a gun pointed at your head every single day, and you just don’t know when the gun is going to go off." Read Francesca's story.