Talking to Teens About Digital Safety

Nothing ever really disappears from the internet – whether it’s a photo, a status update, or a tweet – so it’s important to have regular, open and honest conversations with your kids or students about safe ways to use technology.

I See DV as Unacceptable

Tonya Turner, Director of Legal Services at Break the Cycle, tells us about her work with LGBTQ dating abuse.

Jasmine V: I See a Happy Life After DV

Today the young singer, actress and advocate Jasmine V tells us how domestic violence has impacted her journey and why she feels we should all get involved.
life after abuse

Dating After Domestic Violence

Dating after domestic violence can be nerve-wracking and complicated. If you’re considering beginning a new relationship, here are some things that you should consider.
what can the hotline help you with

What Can The Hotline Help You With?

The Hotline offers help to callers at any stage. Whether you’ve called before or maybe feel nervous about reaching out, it’s helpful to know what we can speak with you about and how we can assist you.
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Dating Abuse Resources for Teens

Whatever stage you and your teen are going through in discussing and learning about dating violence, there are plenty of resources that can be really helpful.