minimizing violence

Excuses, Excuses...

In an unhealthy or abusive relationship, making justifications for a partner’s behavior is common. Have you ever found yourself apologizing for the actions of your partner?
domestic violence elderly

When Abuse Tarnishes The Golden Years

Many older Americans are in abusive relationships that either begin in or persist into later life. No one deserves abuse, and no matter what your situation, there are ways to find help.
helpful safety tips

When The Fighting Starts: Tips for Protection

If you’re in a relationship where physical abuse is ongoing or likely to occur, there are some practical tips that could help keep you safer. Remember: what works for one person may not be a safe option for another.
safety planning with children

Safety Planning With Children

A parent’s instinct is to make sure their child is safe – but how can you do this best if your abusive partner is unpredictable, or manipulative?
what to expect when you call the hotline

What To Expect When You Call

While every call is specific to the individual, here are some phrases and questions that advocates consistently communicate to best help each caller.