1is2Many Campaign PSA

On June 21, the White House unveiled a PSA supporting Vice President Biden’s 1is2Many campaign, a landmark effort to end dating violence. Last year, Vice President Biden launched the 1is2Many initiative to focus on a troubling fact—women between the ages of 16 and 24 experience the highest rates of relationship violence. The PSA features President Obama, Vice President Biden and many male sports leaders including Eli Manning, Jeremy Lin, Jimmy Rollins, Eva Longoria, David Beckham, Joe Torre and Andy Katz.

Young women still face the highest rates of dating violence and sexual assault. In the last year, one in 10 teens have reported being physically hurt on purpose by a boyfriend or girlfriend. One in five young women have been sexually assaulted while they’re in college.

The 1is2Many campaign has consistently used The National Dating Abuse Helpline as a resource for young adults to seek help. If you or someone you know is under the age of 24 and would like to speak to a peer advocate about your relationship, text “loveis” to 77054 or chat online at or call 1-866-331-9474.

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  1. Jocelyn says:

    This website is very helpful. Two months ago my ex boyfriend brutally beat, drugged, and sexually assulted me and tried to kill me multiple times. He kept me hostage in his apartment, isolated me from friends and family and broke my phone. My mom tracked down my ex boyfriend and found out where he was keeping me against my will and devised a ruse to get me out. I cant tell you how hopeless I felt and controlled. Before my mother came for me I started to believe that no one cared about me and that I was going to be stuck living with a sociopath. I now realize that every abuse scenerio is different and what made my ex boyfriend a sociopath is he would never physically or verbally abuse me in public. He would always make others believe how “charming” he was. He had no problem with hurting me direct on in private but hed also say how hed love to sit and watch someone else hurt me. Its a scary feeling when you begin to fear the ones you love. I always used to watch movies where woman would be in a domestic abuse relationships or even knew woman who were being abused and id always ask myself why would she let him do that to her? Or why doesnt she just leave? Now seeing it from the inside I now realize leaving isnt easy nor is it always safe. I cant tell you how many times I planned to escape, hurt him or even end my life so I wouldnt have to be tortured any longer. All I can say is I over thought every decision I was contemplating of making. Thinking of any possible outcome to be prepared for anything. I secretly was playing house with my ex boyfriend but always in fear and aware of my surroundings. Constant prayers and hoping id have a safe departure. I dont have kids so it was easier only having to protect myself. My advice to anyone going through something like I did and reading this. Is make sure you are safe planning and exit safely. Keep a copy of drivers license ss#, birth cert. Money if you can at a safe location near by who you trust that if needed you have easy access to. And as for bystanders just keep your eyes open if you see abuse…safely interfere and let the victim know youre there for them. Often times victims like myself will protect their abusers out of fear and low self esteem that our abusers instilled in us. If we have someone who just show they care and stand up for us. It can help….domestic violence is scary and I nearly escaped death many times and I am just so blessed to still be here. My parents are truly my guardian Angels.

    • HotlineAdmin_AS says:

      Hi Jocelyn,

      We are so glad that you’re part of our online community; supporting and encouraging each other is so important and powerful, especially when so many people are dealing with such dangerous situations. It sounds like you felt incredibly hopeless and alone during your relationship. Those feelings can definitely add to feeling trapped and powerless when someone is hurting you in a multitude of ways. When an abusive person carefully crafts their public image to one that’s so different from what their partner experiences, it can be so scary to think about telling anyone the truth about what you’re experiencing. But no one should ever have to feel alone or trapped. No one has the right to be abusive in any way.

      It sounds like your mom is a very strong woman who did not stop trying to find and help you. It also sounds like you have her strength and perseverance. Despite everything you were going through, you kept looking for a way out, for resources, for a chance to escape. You kept yourself safe and escaped an incredibly dangerous and terrifying situation. It can be so powerful to read about experiences like yours and we truly appreciate you sharing your story.

      If you would like to talk any time, please know you can reach us 24/7 by phone at 1-800-799-7233 or by online chat here every day 9am – 2am CST. We keep all conversations confidential and anonymous to be a safe place for people to talk.

      Take care,

      Hotline Advocate AS

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